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“For many years I have created and used my own skincare products, with family, friends and colleagues using them too, the feedback gave me the confidence to create the brand Frank & Rose, along side my daughter, Nadya.

Being a Beauty Therapist for over 15 years, with 12 of them being within the iconic store of Harrods, London. I have knowledge across a wide range of products and ingredients.”

“Created by Nature, Inspired by Beauty”

Ava Kindler, Co-Founder of Frank & Rose 

Our signature ingredients are Frankincense and Rosewood, used to promote the regeneration of skin cells and act as a shield to the skin defending against free radicals.

The product range is designed for all skin types and concerns. Full of minerals, vitamins, anti oxidants and natural enzymes, to nourish, soothe and restore radiance. Focusing on moisture loss, improving skin tone and promoting elasticity by drawing out any excess fluid, dead cells and toxins.

Our ingredients are sourced raw globally and are chosen responsibly, maintaining sustainable sourcing. We also share the important responsibility to the land, workers and environment.

As producers of skincare, we produce with ethics and of course never use ingredients tested on animals or from animal origin, as we are 100% Vegan. We are strongly against animal testing and have been Cruelty Free since the very beginning. It is important to us to be officially recognised through PETA as a cruelty free and Vegan company.

We are passionate about every product that we make, so much so, that all formulations are made and tested in the UK. Small batches are made to ensure quality control using the finest and freshest natural active ingredients.

We have a passion for producing skincare that isn't only super natural in their origins, but effective in giving you wonderful skin and a rejuvenated mind. We take the natural properties of plants and include them in our skincare products to produce highly effective, indulgent luxury skincare products that give visible results to your skin.

Our packaging is recyclable and always will be. We believe that there is enough packaging in the world, therefore, we minimise packaging wherever possible.

At Frank & Rose we pride ourselves on six principles:

- No Artificial Fragrances 

- No Parabens 

- 100% Natural 

- 100% Vegan

- Cruelty Free 

- No Palm Oil

Due to the essential oils within our products, we do not advise to use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.