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I never looked after my skin or had a consistent skin care routine, but after an accident involving hot oil that lured all over my legs I was in desperate need for a healing, moisturiser that I could use all over my skin and that is what I found in this product. I use it all over my skin daily and my skin has never looked better than it does now. The dark scars on my legs from the accident are disappearing day by day. I cannot describe the beauty of this product. It is like no another. Would recommend to anyone.


- Etiosa Igbinedion, General Manager, The Refinery, Knightsbridge

I'm so in love with this new cream, I have badly dehydrated skin and spent so much money on trying many different luxury products. Nothing really seemed to be for me so I tried it after many friends recommendations. They weren’t wrong, my skin feels so much more hydrated and looking more radiant than ever... thank so you much I finally found a cream for me.

- Kelly, Reservations Team, Harrods

I would like to say that I am in love with Frank & Rose, it’s very hydrating and moisturising. I like the fact that it tightens the skin. Very good quality.

- Christianou, Reservations Team, Harrods

If you are looking for that youthful natural glow then this is the cream for you. It works like magic under your makeup, goes on smoothly and leaves your skin looking radiant. 

- Ghazaleh Rahimi, BSc (Hons) SRCh MChs HCPA, BA (Hons), Consultant Podiatrist, Harrods

At my age (76) I had been searching for a cream that actually works. I have now found it! I have been using this cream for a few months and I can honestly say that this cream is fantastic it smells lovely and soaks into my skin beautifully. It also gives an instant and long-lasting tightness. I will not be using anything else. 

- Carole Wren

From the first time I applied Frank & Rose on my skin I knew that we would be best friends. What made me fall in love is it’s innovative, luxurious golden texture that absorbs fast, leaving no residue. It is definitely super food for my skin, even my boyfriend asked me “what is your secret, your skin looks so healthy”….now he is a super fan too…

- Molly Rodriguez, Beauty Supervisor, Harrods 


Frank & Rose is great it's worth investing in.

- Mazar

I suffer a lot with dry skin and flaky skin on my nose, I've used the cream ever since it was first made and I've never looked back, within weeks my skin was looking tighter and hydrated, so much that my family and friends have started buying it and always are asking for more. I really love and recommend Frank & Rose.

- Ella, Beauty Therapist, Harrods  

Recently I started to use a cream that is fantastic, it is not greasy, leaves your skin smooth and and also smells very good. I had some spots that are now disappearing, the truth is that I am very happy. I was tired of using creams and this finally is one that shows results, the miracle magical cream!

- Encar, Nail Technician, Harrods

 I have been using Frank & Rose Moisturiser for over a week now, I have noticed an improvement in my skin and a reduction in redness and blemishes. Lovely product. 

- Louisa O'Neill

All I can say is wow.... My psoriasis has gone after 2 weeks, skin in glowing, not greasy, not tight.. Im 40 next year and this is amazing for my whole body and face. My son has also used on himself as he has dry skin and eczema. It is so clear and bright also. That you for coming up with this magic in a pot, i can't wait to use the rest.

- Noosha Brown - Kench

Thank goodness for this amazing face cream, I have tried a lot of brands from high end department stores but this cream is the first one that has really made an impact after a couple of weeks, I absolutely love the cream. 

- Lisa, Hairdresser, Harrods      

This cream makes my skin feel amazing. I had eczema all over my forehead and after only 1 week I saw a massive improvement. Also I'm so happy with the smell. Its full of so many wonderful natural things. Now its part of my daily routine. After I shower i massage it into my face for a few minutes and it soaks in very well. I can even apply makeover it. I hope many women get to see the benefits of this cream.

- Angel, Manager Nail Loft, Harrods 

Since using Frank & Rose cream, my skin has been clearer and brighter. I feel an instant firming and hydrating affect when I apply it and it smells amazing. It has even made my spot scars fade- I wouldn't use anything else!

- Libby, Reservations Team, Harrods

I am into my 4th week of using Frank & Rose The Moisturiser I am blown away with the results. My daughter actually assumed I had botox and not told her.My skin has never looked this good in years I love everything about THE MOISTURISER, the smell, the so soft texture and also there's no need for a primer when wearing foundation.I Wont be using anything else on the market from now on.

- Lorriane Reilly 

The best of the best - You can tell this stuff is amazing when you first start to use it. It seriously softens the skin and moisturises it properly! The quality you can tell is first class and I can already see that it will last for a long time as I only need a small finger tip and spreads perfectly.  10/10

- William Wade 

The cream feels like ice cream light and fluffy, smells fresh and citrusy. I use it every night and every morning. It gives me a lovely glow and holds my make up well. Couldn’t be without it. I highly recommend this.   

- Anita, Reservations Team, Harrods 

The face cream is a super food for the skin. Ingredients, which filter down to the base cell layer due to their tiny molecular structure, nourish and renew the tissues producing a radiant glow. This face cream has healed an area on my skin, which had not healed for over a month. Once I started to use the cream it began to heal immediately and is now strong healthy tissue again. It is a must for me now as I have had slow healing skin since the onset of Fibromyalgia. Knowing that I have something, which really works to heal these blemishes, which appear, is comforting and helps me to feel more confident in my professional role as an Electrologist in Harrods. I treat skin blemishes in my professional role and would have no hesitation in recommending Frank & Rose to my clients. 

- Myschell Lyndle, College Lecturer, Electrologist, Harrods

A miracle cream that actually works. I had tried so many creams to combat my dehydrated and blemish prone skin. Since using Frank & Rose my skin looks brand new, It is great for my sensitive skin and it smells fab too. I feel like I've regained confidence in my skin with the added bonus of a youthful glow. I have already recommended to my friends and family. Thank god for Frank & Rose! 

- Emma Farrell, Front of House & Reservations Team, Harrods 

As a make up artist I’m constantly sent new products to try, some become firm favourites in my kit and some I prefer for my own use at home (various reasons) but the Frank and Rose cream ticks both boxes. Skin feels very hydrated, it’s calming and soothing for my often sensitive skin and doesn’t leave a tacky residue that some rich creams do. I rotate it as a day cream / night cream and it’s great for both! Really impressed! 

- Tania Grier

Frank & Rose is wonderful. Skin feels tighter and radiant immediately. 

- Natasha, Hair Stylist Harrods 

It totally repaired my skin within a week, I had so many dry patches on my cheeks and they have all gone, I am left with very smooth and radiant skin. 

- Shippy, Nail technician Harrods 

My skin has been blown away. I was in the right place at the right time when I over heard colleagues talking about an amazing cream they had been using, not one to pass up on a positive, I sampled Frank & Rose. I have used industry leaders cosmetics in the past and this has excelled them all. My skin is, literally in a word, GLOWING!!! My laughter lines are a whisper of what they were! Also my 13yr old sons skin had been becoming spotty due to the beauty that is puberty. His skin has calmed right down, along with all the changes going on, his skin is no longer a worry for him! It's the best thing before going for injections!!! 5*

- Rosie, Harrods Hairdresser 

I love Frank & Rose. It's luxurious fresh and light texture sinks into my skin yet feels like a firming protective barrier. It brings instant brightness and hydration to my face.

- Chanel, Beauty Therapist Harrods 

The cream is a light, delicate texture, which you apply to clean skin in the morning and evening for the best effect. A lovely yet affordable to use, it is especially useful for irritated skin. I am happy to recommend. 

- Anonymous from a Leading Cosmetic Business

I have been using the cream for a couple of months and I love the way it makes my skin feel and look. It is firmer and more youthful. I especially love the way it makes my skin feel in the morning. The cream is amazing.

- Chantal Joshua, Nail Technician, Harrods

I have been using The Moisturiser for over a month and can really see the difference in the appearance of my skin: glowing.  The texture of the cream is silky soft and quickly absorbed. You only need to apply a dot or two around the face - the pot will last for ages.  A wonderful scent too. Also, it is a real bonus that it combines as a day and night cream.

- Lucie Pemberton 

I have used hundreds of creams over the years along with the most expensive creams believing they would magic my skin! I have only used Frank and Rose for a couple of weeks and have to say it is quite amazing! Its great that I can use under the eyes also. A definite improvement on my skin texture and smoothness. Will continue to use.

- Fross Hockley

From the moment I started using frank and rose I felt a dramatic change in my skin. Not only has it brought life back and brightened my skin I’ve noticed it’s really evened out my skin tone and helped reduce the fine lines. I will never look back after using frank and rose.

- Tracy Theobald

At first I used to dip my fingers into my wife’s pots of never ending creams in the bathroom. But seeing her chuck out all of her old creams I realised she really did believe in frank and rose and couldn’t rate it any more highly. As a man I want a quick fix and go..This cream has really helped bring hydration back to my skin and helped with dry patches within the first week of using it. After using it for months now I couldn’t think of using anything else apart from frank and rose.

- Tony Theobald

Frank & Rose is amazing, its magical! It detoxes my skin and gives it an amazing glow. I love it and strongly recommend it. 

- Leah Murgia, Front of House, Harrods

One of the most amazing moisturising creams I've ever used! After a couple of days of using the cream I noticed a huge change in the way my face looked and felt! My face was clearer, softer and brighter! Would recommend to all!

- Jasmine, Receptionist Team, Harrods

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